Friday, 19 June 2015

Confessions from a Lifelong Friend..

"I don't know if [name censored] is 100% heterosexual as I remembered her, Whatever, I never cared she was my best friend , maybe I'm writing and talk shady but if woman keep rejecting man and has no bf and acting that weird.. It's like me or u having a man trying to get in our lives and we want woman I'm little confused, and she was destroyed a lot while ago, cuz I have cousin, I grew up with her after other died, and she was acting so weird over the fb so u can see they are not here, they live like..outta universe, so they don't get my question or sarcastic message, joke, so [name censored] was like that"

"Lol [name censored] acted little weird, and loved all girls and many times.acted like, we were.making fun of that, I was gonna ask her one night about her sexuality, cuz I was sure she was straight.. but never asked her that then even I was so close on night It's a stupid thing I'm talking about, and make sure this won't go anywhere to her now, it's between me and u what I just texted you, I Might Be wrong and I have no rights to judge someone sexuality, that's why I picked on Lesbian word, That's all , honestly, when she found a man and that was u I was little shocked, cuz I was so sure she likes woman"
"It's not that open, even in new jersey right next to nyc, but it's so open a gay life in nyc so we live with it like just it's normal everyday thing , and seeing gays getting girls.pregnant,just to have a kids in fake relation ,then keeping those kids 4 themselves and same things is w lesbians, .. Im.just saying and.not accusing anybody"

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