Monday, 6 July 2015



Hey xxxxx,

I hope work is going good :)

I know I'm not your favourite person right now, and I completely understand why.. I am sorry.

You are the kindest and most delicate person I have ever known. Being around you for the last year has been an amazing experience, you are truly beautiful inside and out..... and don't say 'no I'm not'!

We have learned so much about each other over the last year, and so much of it has been good :) better than good :)

Things have got a bit ugly recently and if we are honest, we both know why..

I think we both know that we don't communicate properly. This is more my fault than yours.. and I know it frustrates both of us. We also have different ideas on how to live life.. and I don't want either of us to have to change "who we are". Lifestyle choice is a basic human right and everyone deserves it. I respect what you see as important and I respect how you want your life to look. From what I have learned I think you and me may want different things from life. If that's true then how can we be happy together?

I don't want what we have to end but I never want to make you feel bad. I want you to enjoy every minute of your life and fulfil all of your dreams. I want to be the man who can help you achieve all of this with all of my heart. Unfortunately the signs are there that I'm not.

No one is to blame and I don't want you to feel sad, I'm not blaming you I'm just trying to be honest.

The fact remains that I care about you deeply, and you're my puzzle :)



Hey xxxx

Truly nice words, sounds almost peaceful, but you are right, it’s all sad.

I always believed in the beauty of 2 people, so different and can [sic] work. It was positive challenge I was enjoying it and learning from it.

So many little differences made me to learn more about you and myself too. I saw the future there.

Unfortunately certain things had the opposite effect and were huge issue. I couldn’t handle, and than I approached them from the beginning wrong; let’s say in panic and based on anger.

I had a choice and I decide that all that great things we had, were worthy to keep, so my brain, heart and soul went through the tuff [sic] times to except that’s what was such a huge issue for me.

And I accepted it. I’m not going to ever agree with them, but I accepted it and excepted [sic] it in my life.

And I really tried, but I never felt like that was seeing.

All I expected is your observation and show that you care and what matters to me. Maybe to decide one beautiful day once in two months to take me to the beach, take a couple of xxxxxx with you :) .…and spend few hours outside.

Or maybe see me going to town to ask if I don’t need the lift, or if I’m ok to come back. It was breaking my hard [sic] to see you do what ever it take and drive any time to meet Mrs. Green, or Stephen, maybe even to leave from the work half an hour earlier to pick up what ever, and when I asked for lift, I just saw that unwilling expression in you face. I never expected this in daily bases; never expect you to do whatever I asked for. Just to show once a while that you can do this.

All I needed is to see that you TRY !!!

But why would you. For the girl that is stuck in difficult life situation, with her problems, not knowing why she is with me, maybe just pretending she loves me, but she probably doesn’t. Maybe she wants to use me…? That’s another one. Do you think I didn’t see it? What’s the point to waste with words to say I love you, when nobody believes. Painful

So yeah, there I’m again just me…defending myself, blaming you. Typical xxxxx…… I should look at myself…

Well, I do, there is no aureole above my head and responsibility for certain things went wrong was on my shoulders, I have been stubborn and I guess I couldn’t give you enough attention you were needed. Lately I couldn’t, not like before, I didn’t feel like to give, when I’m not getting it back.

And don’t get me wrong, you helped me, And means to me a lot still now, you just took the other way.


I think we didn’t even reach the stage where we realized we’re too different to be together, but we didn’t even reach the process of trying to find out who we are,

And that makes it even sadder.


--- Ten days later she was pregnant

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