Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rise above it

I can't even begin to describe how it feels to spend 10 months apart from my children. I have been through the whole range of emotions - longing, regret, denial, frustration and anger amongst many others.

I long to hold them and squeeze them. I miss their smell and I miss our time together.

I'm not allowed to see my own children, but I am allowed to spend every day looking after, and caring for a child that is not my own.

I love him like he was mine, but I know that he is not. I will be there for him when he needs me but I know there will come a time when I have to take a step back. I will do everything I can to ensure he has a good relationship with his Dad. I'll never speak bad of him and will do all I can to help him grow up to love his Dad and his step-dad, just like I did.

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