Monday, 30 March 2015

Stop Parental Alienation

In about 48 hours I will almost certainly lose all contact with my children.

My daughter is five and my son is three. I haven't seen, or spoken to them for almost six months. For three years they have lived with their mother and have had only limited contact with me. Throughout this time I have continued monthly maintenance payments, yet I've being allowed no input in to any aspect of their upbringing. Aside from being alienated as a parent, I have been accused of domestic violence, child abuse, harassment, stalking, mental health issues, drug abuse and much, much more. I have appeared in court seventeen times (with no legal representation) been arrested twice, spent 36 hours in a police cell and 10 days in a maximum security prison.

Despite these allegations, I'm a competent and committed father. I'm also a perfectly calm and rational human being. I miss my children more than words can express and I'm sure they miss me too. I dread to think what they are told when they ask about their Dad. Maybe they think I don't care? The truth is: every second of every day is agony and I know it is only going to get worse. When the final ruling is made and court proceedings end, I will share my story. Until then, the words in the images above and below can speak on my behalf.

Sharing my story won't make the pain go away, but it may help other fathers (or mothers) and their children, who have to endure what my children and I have over the last three years. In years to come, I hope my children will read the story of how I did everything I could to be part of their lives; know that I think about them every second of every day and that I want to be with them so much it hurts.

 Relationships end, parenting shouldn't. Stop parental alienation.

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