Tuesday, 28 October 2014

This Will Make You Think

I'm currently dedicating every available second to preparations for two very important court appearances. However, this is something personal to me and I feel very strongly about it.

Domestic violence by women against men is viewed completely differently to the reverse. As the video shows; when a man hits a women concerned passers-by rush to the woman's assistance. And rightly so. When the women hits the man, onlookers smile and jeer. They assume that he must have done something to deserve it. No one rushes to his aid.

Violence against men accounts for 40% of all reported incidence of domestic violence. The proportion is most likely much larger, with many men afraid to report it due to the stigma displayed so clearly in the video above.

It may take generations for society's attitude to change towards this. A lot like women's liberation in the workplace. Despite being just as competent they had to work harder to be taken seriously. The reverse is true of domestic violence against men. Attitudes need to change.

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