Friday, 17 October 2014

Two Little People

Two little people arrived at my house at 6pm today - my writing pauses with immediate effect. My children will dominate all of my mind, body and soul for the next 48 hours and unashamedly so. This time two weeks ago I was in prison, expecting not to see them for at least 56 days. The reunion earlier was something I will never forget. I just want to absorb every second that they are with me.

I started writing two weeks ago when I had no other choice. Documenting events was initially just something to pass the time. I also knew it would be good to have a record of events should I need it in the future. After all, I've been to court more times than Andy Murray in the last two years.

Sharing the experience wasn't my initial intention, but I've found it unexpectedly comforting. It wasn't a pleasant life experience, but with hindsight I can already tell it has been a positive one. Hopefully it's a good read. I also hope it can help other fathers (and mothers) who find themselves in my position too. With a thousand hits in just over a week, its clear that some people, somewhere want to know how it ends. Either that, or I have one incredibly persistent reader.

You'll be pleased to learn there are two further instalments to come. Unfortunately they are currently mostly just scribbles on the back of prison induction leaflets at the moment...

I'll be back next week for the conclusion. In the meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy your freedom.

Part 1 - Incarceration

Part 2 - 56 Days

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