Saturday, 19 November 2011

Children in Need

It's not the Newsreaders dressed as Lady Gaga that annoys me. It's the millionaire celebs hounding us (the recession-ravaged masses) to dig deep, whilst they are paid obscene amounts of money. I am a compassionate man. I care about Children in Need, but something here smacks of hypocrisy and inequality.

I watched CiN last night from start to finish. The music and dancing was, for the most part, mildly amusing. The short clips of children in need were truly heartbreaking. Seeing what some children in this country go through provides a real sense of perspective to our own 'problems'. I think this aspect of CiN is vital. The multi-millionaire celebs constantly demanding for donations however, is nauseating.

If we as a nation want to help our Children in Need then we should impose a progressive Children in Need tax which is deducted once a year from every UK citizen's bank account. The tax should be levied at 0.5% of annual salary so that EVERYONE gives what they can afford. I would pay a couple of hundred pounds, Wogan and Cotton would pay a couple of thousand, and your superstar celebs - considerably more. This method would substantially beat the 20-odd million pounds that is usually raised, and would put an end to this hypocritical badgering.

Better still, why don't we get all Premier League footballers to donate a weeks salary? Then we'd top the billion pound mark.

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